With Road King Technologies, you don't :

  • have to reserve space in your office to put powerful and expensive server.

  • need to install complex programs like SQL Server, backup process and emergency power supply.

  • need staff to maintain and upgrade the software. need to pay year after year for your support or to renew your licence.

  •  need to waste valuable staff time learning complex multi-user software



  • You just need Internet access and you’re up and running... INSTANTLY!

  • The only software you’ll ever need is a browser! That means you can have access to your Intranet Portal from anywhere, anytime, without any complicated installations.

  • Dispatchers will love the way they can now dispatch and control deliveries.

  • Management will be informed like never before and from anywhere in the world.


Our Technology offers numerous benefits by automating common operations using TRAC18 GPS software in concert with our RK3000, including interfaces with a variety of switches and sensors, and the ability to operate valves and relays remotely.


All of the screens below (and many more) may be seen on a PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, smart TV; through most browsers (Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, and Firefox); from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. All our software is "CLOUD" based, and is accessible 24/7 at no extra cost to you. And something unique to Road King Technologies; your clients can log in and see a filtered view of the trucks going to their job-sites only.

Please take a moment to overview our software with this quick presentation.