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When you toss a pebble of an idea into the sea, it can have a far-reaching ripple affect. However, your idea may never reach your customer without first having bounced off someone. Like Dabby Associates and Dabby Engineering. We specialize in completing your vision using high technology engineering solutions. For brand new product engineering concepts or refinements to established products. From computer systems to power supplies. In end user applications. Where we turn ripples into reality.

Deepening your quality

It takes innovation to make an existing idea even stronger – without gutting it. Especially for a product, that must fulfill true market needs as well as corporate profitability goals. For Dabby Associates and Dabby Engineering, that means assuring product quality, performance and value. Our solutions are always efficient and cost effective in meeting your specifications. More importantly, we will be there when and where you need us. Call it our buddy system for quality control.

Our Depth of experience

Over the years our work in product engineering has covered:


Computer Systems, both embedded and portable


Battery chargers and small/medium power supplies and DC/DC converters


Industrial products and control systems


LCD displays and their interfaces


Medical product engineering


Robotic systems and motor controls

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