• Estimates, with a high degree of accuracy, the end of a Discharge, by giving you the ability to calibrate each barrel individually.

  • Gives you the ability to visualize the contents in the barrel (Transparent Barrel) Can operate independently of any Dispatch System.

  • The Delivery Grid shows a progressive discharge by using a ‘Thermometer Bar’ Provides for an internal Chat Room.

  • Has the ability to operate in multiple languages (English, Spanish and French)

  • Dispatcher can see a 360 degree street-view of a truck when it is still in motion and/or when it is stopped.

  • Can dispatch a ticket to a rented truck and track it as if it belonged to your company
  • .
  • Dispatcher can filter out any trucks that belong to plants other than for those he is responsible.

  • Tablet option, offers the ability of VOIP communication with your trucks

  • Tablet option, offers text messaging capabilities to the truck either by email or display so that drivers can receive important information.

  • Events and Alerts notification through emails.


  • Interfaces with, and automates your current Dispatch System (Command Alkon, Integra, Marcotte, MPAQ, Jonel, and many others)

  • Automated Preventive Maintenance - there is an automatic data collection on the number of hours, number of kilometers(miles) of each vehicle and an automatic scheduling of maintenance to be carried out on each vehicle.


  • Records the total quantity of water added to each ticket.

  • Records the total number of mix and discharge turns of the barrel for each ticket

  • Can review a trace-route of any ticket historically, i.e. from 4 months ago? 6 months? 2 years


  • Gives the Dispatching Supervisor out in the field, the ability to log in and see all his deliveries on a tablet, smart phone, or notebook.

  • Web based solution (cloud) is accessible with most Web Browsers, that precludes local installation of any software.

  • Job-Site Supervisor can see a job-site summary, a statusing of each truck, as well as a global view of all the trucks delivering to his job-sites, on a tablet, smart phone, or notebook.

  • Driver can get a printed navigation sheet for any ticket for which job-site he is not familiar.


  • Management can get a ‘Wait Time’ Report, showing all the wait times of each ticket, for a range of dates, grouped by job-site.

  • Management can get an ‘Unscheduled Stops’ Report, showing all the unscheduled stops greater than ‘N’ minutes, for a range of dates, for a range of trucks.

  • Broker’s Settlement Report , determines the payout per ticket, in considerations of the different zones travelled, mileage, cubic yards (meters) delivered, and Time greater than 'N' minutes.

  • Using RFID, can record the drivers’ applied and unapplied direct labor

  • Ticketless delivery on a Tablet or smartphone can save you as much as 5 minutes per delivery ticket.

  • Backup broadband Wireless Internet access gives you the ability to operate the business if the primary internet access fails.


  • Company that you rented a truck to, can log in and see their trucks on a global view.

  • Customer can log in and see the statusing of trucks on delivery to any of their job-sites.

  • Customer can see a job-ID summary on any of their jobs, bo


  • The TRAC18 GPS System is affordable, so that you get more *BANG* for the money.

  • Gives you a real competitive advantage!

  • Early Payback