GPS UNIT manufacturer


As a manufacturer of GPS tracking units for the past 10 years, we’ve built an extensive and impressive portfolio of smart technologies. Our products are designed to meet the challenges of today's demand for the best high-speed information tracking system at an affordable price.


Road King Technologies manufactures and distributes Fleet Management / GPS Tracking Systems for the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry. Along the way, Road King Technologies built and experimented with all kinds of electronic boards and wireless transmission methods including radio and satellite. That's why the quality and the compatibility of our current products make Road King Technologies the most logical and powerful solution. Combine your business experience with GPS Automation for “smarter than ever” decisions.


But it’s not just our products and software that make us the reference in GPS Automation. The most important success factor is our employees, all of them. Together, as a team effort, we’re focused on making your business more productive and more efficient. Call now and see the difference for yourself.


Road King Technologies is headquartered  in Montréal, Canada and has production and shipping facilities in both Canada and USA. We also have customer installation all over Canada and USA. We have already expanded with some installations in Europe, with great success.


We are listed on most ready mix concrete associations in the industry.

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  • The ability to record and log all the activity of your fleet, to assure

  • The ability to streamline your deliveries

  • The tools to make your company more efficient and competitive

  • Get a handle on your expenses, and increase your profitability

  • The tools to measure and improve your own productivity

  • Affordability, with an immediate return on your investment

  • And more ...