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About Us

Harry Marks

Montreal, Canada

Jose Luis Raposo

Toronto, Canada

Our Story

Road King Technologies is a Canadian-based tech-firm established in 1998. In response to an ever expanding global construction trend, Road King poured their resources into developing a market leading software designed to best suit the managerial needs of the ready-mix and construction industries. Applying a cloud-based method with GPS technology, Road King has proven to be at the industry forefront for the last 20 years!

The two Principles of Road King Technologies Inc. are Jose Raposo and Harry Marks. Marks is one of the founders of Road King. Raposo joined the company in 2019.

While Marks's background is mainly in programming and accounting, his experience in the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry comes from having worked directly with customers and developing the software in response to the plethora of challenges they face.

Raposo is a seasoned veteran of the Ready Mixed Concrete industry. A long time customer of Road King, as well as the general manager of a major Ready Mix company in Toronto, many of the improvements to Road King's software were developed predicated on ideas that came directly from someone with 23 years of "Boots on the Ground" experience.

Our software cannot be characterized as "just another GPS company"; moreover, it is one of "Analytics and Tracking". Road King believes in providing the best quality of service with an unrivaled technology to best meet the market demands of the construction industry, while serving to offer an unprecedented, multi-tiered Return on Investment.

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